CLI Wizard for WebSphere Portal CumulativeFix Management

The unfortunate side-effect of any enterprise-grade software is that it is difficult to manage. There are at least two reasons that I see for this: Training + certification revenue Tools that are clobbered together over years of being driven by big-customer requests/demands, and not a defined architectural vision. One such…

How to virtualize your office – without their knowledge

People complain that they don’t have enough machines, and when they need servers, they’re available. Two of the problems that were prevalent in my workplace. I set out to attempt to rectify this by firstly measuring the utilization rate on some of our busiest servers. Instead of installing and managing…

Empty iPhone Emails – Solved

NOTE: iPhones Firmware update 2.1, seems to have gotten rid of the problem. If now only Apple would fix the damn calendar bug Have you recently sent an email from your beloved iPhone and have it delivered – empty? Then when you look at the sent on your phone you…

Paperless office – the story of the S510M

Going green? Or going neat? Get rid of that paper! Think of all the bills, invoices, warranty cards, tax refunds and bank statements that you file away, day after day. The problem here is that paper is bulky, and takes up a lot of physical space, especially if you’re an…

Fantastic GPS Logger, a Field Report for BT-1000P

Having recently purchased the unit, especially for the purpose tagging all the photos from a recent trip, I flew away extremely happy, witnessing the outstanding performance of this little device. You can see a screenshot below of the takeoff from Sydney towards Tokyo. Google Earth for romant net BT 1000P Sydney What sets this unit apart from other loggers and GPS units on the market, is its ability to not only acquire a signal within the boundaries of an airplanes fuselage, but keep that sync as the airplane is banking.

BT-1000P mini-review on a mac

Am soon going away on a little trip, over to Europe, through Tokyo. Wishing to record my trip, as well as have some data for geocoding the photos, I went on a quest to find a GPS unit that allowed me to: log data to internal memory make sure there’s…

OSX Not Colour Calibrated

It seems that Apple left one thing out of the equation for Safari 3.1 – colour adherence. With my new Dell 2408WFP, I was getting quite stroppy – as no matter how many times I would calibrate it – it would continually not show the correct colours as compared to…

Neat Lightroom Shortcut

Ever wanted to hide the left+right pane’s within Lightroom without having either custom defined shortcuts, or modifying OS X keyboard preferences to enable function keys?

Quality control at Apple

Apple and their quality control leaves to be desired, especially on their last revision of the MacBook Pro’s. Late last week I purchased the MBP from Apple’s Online store. Thinking about the resale value, I decided to spec up the bottom model. I added:

MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS m1730

I decided to bring my girlfriends MacBook Air into class – Ola had his Dell XPS m1730. Brendan decided to take some photos. Enjoy. Sorry for the bad quality – its his crappyN95 to blame