Adobe Lightroom + Open SDK

Throughout the last few years, it has been evident that the only way that a company is to make it ‘big’ is to allow people to create and add content themselves.

This is evident through the likes of Google with their Map mashups, SecondLife and ability to create businesses and ‘own’ land, and more recently Facebook and the now open API for developing applications which live within peoples profiles.

As it stands, according to Google Trends, Lightroom is far ahead of Apple’s Aperture.

Adobe Lightroom vs Apple's Aperture - Google Trends

I’m sure there are points for each – but at the moment I’m using a PC with Vista on it, so am limited to Lightroom, although I must say that I absolutely love it!

The workflow from the camera to getting the photo printed an up into a frame on the mantel piece is now a half-minute job. This will include any modifications that are required on the photo due to the poor lighting conditions or otherwise bad photography to start with.

Adobe Lightroom Workflow

One downfall of this application is as yet the unfortunate lack of an open SDK for third party plugins. Many within the blogosphere have been asking for an integration of a ‘publish’ action to their blog or even facebook photo library.

Apple on the other hand, already has an SDK out and about, so perhaps the demise of Lightroom is imminent – although I very much doubt it.

Common Adobe – get on with it! I want a Flickr action out of my Lightroom.