Upload from Lightroom to Flickr

If you fit into the following criteria, this post is for you.

  1. a fan of Adobe’s Lightroom
  2. you happen to be a Flickr user
  3. you haven’t seen the light and you’re using Windows

You might want to know how to actually upload directly from Lightroom and into Flickr.

Step 1

Locate the install directory for Flickr Uploadr, mine resides in

C:\Program Files\Flickr Uploadr

Step 2

Locate where Lightroom places its export actions.


At the bottom you should notice:


Now paste the Uploadr exe into that directory.

Next time you attempt to Export – you will have the option of choosing Flickr Uploadr [as you can see I already have], and voila!


  • You might want to save this as a preset, so you wouldn’t have to select Flickr Uploadr in the drop down all the time.
  • Deselect ‘Put in Subfolder’ – so it would ONLY export to Flickr
  • Best of all – all the tags that you already have, will be uploaded to Flickr, so don’t worry about adding them in the Uploadr [am getting sick of spelling it like that…]