Cloud and About

The past few weeks I’ve had one of the most fantastic professional experiences. Having toiled away at firstly virtualizing and then cloudifying all internal systems. I’ve been asked to join IBM’s tour of Cloud duty, and go around Australia and New Zealand preaching.

Most enjoyable part of the trip was the king-sized bed at the Hilton speaking with customers and business partners, and seeing how they:

  • Deploy and manage their internal QA environments
  • View the future of virtualization and cloud affecting their Application and inherently their delivery (a limited few have given this some thought)
  • Dealt with concerns they have about cloud (security, privacy, legalities even)

None were technical issues. No one cares about hypervisors.

It was valuable to learn that in some instances customers are behind several years in absolute basics of automation for test, development and my favourite environment-generation. This is unfortunate from the obvious benefits they stand to gain, but a lot of the problems seem to stem from a lack of complete understanding about “what is cloud/virtualization and what can it do for me”

In my talk, I didn’t go through ROI, CIO vs CFO debates – but more about real evidence and clear-cut results from virtualizing with a sprinking of Cloud services atop. Without further ado, my talk as recorded during the Sydney-leg.