By Example – Networks in vCloud Director

In order to demonstrate to some customers, partners and colleagues that haven’t had a chance to enjoy vCloud Director yet, I’ve recently prepared some videos which demonstrate how you setup a network within an Organization on top of vCD. They’re designed to be completely self-sufficient, so the ‘intro’ is re-used.

Direct Network

This is by far the most … straight forward way of providing your VM’s with an outside connection. vCloud Director Networking : Part 1 : Direct External

Routed Network

The elegance of vShield Edge allows you to configure DHCP, Firewall, and NAT IP Mapping through an easy to click-through UI. Be it for your Organization or vApp. Here I’ll show you how to setup a NAT-Routed vShield backed internal network. vCloud Director Networking : Part 2 : NAT-Routed

Custom’ish vApp Network

There are environments that have already invested a lot in customizing their own DHCP server rules, Dynamic DNS registrations, reverse lookups, firewalls… the list goes on. In essence, here I can show you how you can re-use your current soft-router, and have it used within the vCloud realm. vCloud Director Networking : Part 3 : Custom Routing Appliance in a vApp