Joost, Simply Great

I just tried out Joost – the P2P Online TV. Must say, am very impressed.

Not only at the variety of channels offered, but also the quality of the stream – mind you, a decent connection is a must.

A friend of mine I did notice that given some more unpopular channels, such as Poker – WPT, there does seem to be some intermittent dropping of video. Although this is a given, since this is only a BETA – and not all users are saturating the pipes yet.

Speaking of pipes. I noticed that having Joost running grabs at least 80-100kb/s on average, which must be the reading ahead that it does.

Unfortunately I was unable to run Joost when having no Internet connectivity. “Obviously” some will exclaim, yet the reason I wanted to try it – is, if I want to pre-buffer say an episode of FifthGear Porche review and watch it on the train on my way home, as I currently do with my Media Centre and it’s recorded programmes. Well no can do. Perhaps it’s something that might come out in the final release (am not holding my breath).

I enjoyed the experience, so should everyone else. If you’re short of an invite, drop me a line.