Multiple Monitors, Vista, UltraMon 3 Beta

Am an avid supporter of multi-monitor set-ups. Once you end up using two or more screens – it’s very hard to go back down to one.


At the moment my set-up consists of:

2x Samsung 940B‘s
1x IBM/Lenovo Advanced Mini Dock
1x T60 [ATI Mobility Radeon x1400]

Works quite well, as soon as it’s docked, it recognises the two monitors (one plugged in using VGA, other DVI), and off it goes.


In Windows™, it’s quite simple – plug in another monitor, and through Display Settings – select where each screen is relatively to the others.

Unfortunately, even in Windows Vista™ – 5th Version of the monolithic, GUI – OS [95,98, 2000,XP, ->Vista), it is has yet to cater for a spanning taskbar, one that would cross all monitors.

That and other shortcomings are fixed by a nice program called UltraMon™. It allows for a multitude of features concerning multiple monitors. One’s that I use:

  • the spanning taskbar
  • Windows Title Bar
  • Puts icons near the close button of the window, that allow you to quickly with a click, move the windows to another monitor, or stretch it across all monitors
  • Wallpaper
  • Finally – a tool which looks at setting distinct wallpapers for each screen, that is easy to use, and is persistent across reboots as well as docking/undocking my T60

Now with UltraMon™ 3 Beta – you can finally use it in Vista™.

Several problems though:

  • Docking the laptop
  • Causes multiple taskbars to be rendered on the secondary display
  • Freezing whenever some applications are launched – ie. FileZilla

With all these, am still a hapy camper, and absolutely love the app. Just hope they hurry up, and release the final.