Quality control at Apple

Apple and their quality control leaves to be desired, especially on their last revision of the MacBook Pro’s.

Late last week I purchased the MBP from Apple’s Online store. Thinking about the resale value, I decided to spec up the bottom model. I added:

  • Glossy Screen
  • 250GB HDD

Picking against matte was a hard decision, and only decided to go with it due to the everyone I’ve spoken to, for some “darker blacks” reason preferring glossy screens – so I thought I’d go with it for resale value sake.

Unfortunately upon the much anticipated and late arrival of the MBP, thank you TNT – I discovered that not only where the hard drive was replaced was the seam in widened between the aluminum and the gray bezel. To add to the exceptionally poor quality control, when the laptop is closed, the lid remains ‘UNEVENLY‘ elevated from the base, and thus producing a very ugly gap.

MacBook Pro - Closed Lid Gap

As much as I enjoy using OS X, and Apple products in general, I am far from impressed about the build quality of their laptops. Apple should spend more time on testing the usability of their products, as sometimes it seems form takes over function.