Bugger – QF17, Mechanical Fault, Diverted

What a way to start my holiday ..

At approximately 14:02 AEST Sep. 3, an announcement (interrupting my watching of Bridesmaids, which isn’t actually that bad) over the PA system of the Qantas QF 17, Sydney to Buenos Aires came which detailed a possible issue with the airconditioning system. Which resulted in noises coming into the cabin at the front of the aircraft. Upon speaking with the Sydney engineering team, and being unable to resolve said problem, we were told that the plane is taking a pitstop in Auckland.

QF17 – Dumping Fuel

An immediate dumping of fuel has then commenced. Some even started taking photos + video with their iPads.

I have no problem with New Zealand, it’s a beautiful country, although this is the third time in the last month that I’ve been here; plus I didn’t think New Zealand was famous for their mechanical skills. Fingers crossed.

Prognosis is that we will be on the ground for at least an hour, for engineering, and then to get some more tucker for the plane, as there’s another ~10 hours of flying to be made.

Qantas’ outsourcing is doing wonders for the safety of their patrons. Although this isn’t as bad as the guy that choked to death yesterday.


We ended up having to spend the night in Auckland, and are now en route to a fixed or a new plane. Qantas put us up in the Holiday Inn, which thankfully had a superb buffet of food waiting for us. That’s one way to keep the passangers happy – keep them fed.